StreamDent® is an online service that organizes every procedure setup, and virtually every patient interaction from start to finish. With StreamDent®, everyone in your office has the same setup process, uses the same scripts, and has access to the same procedure routine as your best dental assistant. Case presentations, procedure setups including instruments, patient documents, even clinical notes, are all handled the same way. Whether it’s a new employee just being trained, or a seasoned assistant performing a common procedure, StreamDent® helps you do it better. It’s about organizing, in a consistent manner, to get more done, faster than ever before. And it can change the way you do business – especially how you interact with your patients.

Want to relax and simply focus on your patients and doing dentistry? With StreamDent®, you’ll know that everything else in your office is being handled in the proper way, by every employee, no matter if they’re new, a temp, or your very best assistant.

Best of all, it’s 100% customizable for your office. The result? Greater efficiency, more productivity, consistency of patient care, enhanced profit margins, and a lot less stress for both the doctor and the team.