What Our Clients Are Saying


My team uses StreamDent® every time, for every procedure. With checklists, they’ve proven it actually saves time. Pilots, in surgery, everywhere across all fields, they use checklists, and have proven that the one check you would have otherwise forgotten is going to save you time because you don’t have to get up during the procedure.

Kim, Willow Dental

It has made me look good since using StreamDent®. I’m really prepared to assist the doctor and anticipate what he’ll need. It definitely takes a lot of stress off. It helps a lot.

Wendy, Willow Dental

For me, running a very busy practice, trying to manage a large group of people, StreamDent® makes it very easy for me and I like using it.

Receptionist, GDC

StreamDent® provides us the level of consistency that you need to maintain for the customer service that we’re all striving for.

Dr. Shawn Anderson

StreamDent® has been a life saver for us. It’s a user friendly system that our staff is comfortable going to and referring to.

Dr. Gloria Clark, Atlanta GA

From The Experts

Wow! This is just what the practice needs - Comprehensive, high tech, easy-to-use solution for ongoing training and education.

Jennifer McDonald

This is the missing link in dental software

Lois Banta, Dental Speaker

The best dental software innovation I’ve seen since Caesy Dental.”

Linda Miles, Dental Consultant


We had our consulting company come in, and they wanted to change the order of how we performed our exam. It took me maybe one minute to change the entire order and add one question. All of a sudden what would have seemed to be a big deal having to rearrange everything took me one minute to have it all exactly like we wanted it. It’s very easy to customize.

Kim, Willow Dental

Each GP has a little bit different way of doing things. That’s internally built into each StreamDent system sheet so that the team knows when each doctor wants a particular piece of equipment or supply. As we cross train and a dental assistant goes from one doctor to another, they’re going to be assured to have everything to be able to stay there for the entire procedure.

Dr. Shawn Anderson

Anytime you make a change, you change it one place and StreamDent changes it everywhere. It used to be so cumbersome before a program like this came along. It’s really saved us a lot of time. When a staff member leaves, we don’t feel like all of the knowledge left with them when they were really well trained. The system and how to do it is there and we can easily make the changes we need.

Dr. Gloria Clark, Atlanta GA

I’ve customized StreamDent for two years now. It’s really quick.

Brandy, Atlanta


It helps large and small offices, because it makes them more efficient in general. StreamDent is there to tell them exactly what to do. I’m able to do a lot more without the doctor. I’m able to make certain more key questions are asked before the doctor arrives. I can tell the doctor “this is what I’ve learned, on what the patient has expressed to me, what’s most important to them.” So, it’s made me feel more important in my job and my duties to handle the situation a lot better than before.

Kim, Willow Dental

Since using StreamDent®, the longer procedures seem to go smoother. I’m able to have all of the little details taken care of, instead of constantly getting up out of the chair for something. If I forgot something, it’s all right there to remind me.

Wendy, Willow Dental

Our goal is to make certain no one has to leave the operatory once everyone sits down. The way we can assure that happens is to use the clinical protocols within StreamDent®.

Dr. Shawn Anderson


Having StreamDent® helps out a lot when we have new employees added to our office. They’re able to pull up StreamDent® and see exactly what they need for the procedure. And they can go get it without having to ask any questions.

Wendy, Willow Dental

Everytime we have someone new come into the office, we can bring up StreamDent and show them the things that we need, the type of materials we use, show them photos of our tray and tub setups. This decreases our stress level. It’s just great of the office.

Brandi, Atlanta

Having a consistent model with StreamDent for us to use to train has been huge. It takes a lot of the weight off. And now I can delegate that to my team leaders instead of doing it myself. We can upload videos, photos and other aids so that the experience is an excellent training environment for each and every employee.

Dr. Shawn Anderson