StreamDent® FAQs

What is StreamDent®?

StreamDent® is an online service that organizes every procedure setup, and virtually every patient interaction from start to finish. With StreamDent®, everyone in your office has the same setup process, uses the same scripts, and has access to the same procedure routine as your best dental assistant. Case presentations, procedure setups including instruments, patient documents, even clinical notes, are all handled the same way. Whether it’s a new employee just being trained, or a seasoned assistant performing a common procedure, StreamDent® helps you do it better. It’s about organizing, in a consistent manner, to get more done, faster than ever before. And it can change the way you do business – especially how you interact with your patients.

Want to relax and simply focus on your patients and doing dentistry? With StreamDent®, you’ll know that everything else in your office is being handled in the proper way, by every employee, no matter if they’re new, a temp, or your very best assistant.

Best of all, it’s 100% customizable for your office. The result? Greater efficiency, more productivity, consistency of patient care, enhanced profit margins, and a lot less stress for both the doctor and the team.

Does StreamDent® integrate with my Dental Practice Management Software?

Yes – as much as it needs to do so. Keep in mind that this service is completely different from any other software on the market. It replaces your paper. What is your front office team using now to capture information from phone calls? Very likely, they are using a piece of paper, whether it’s a form developed by you or a consultant, or a simple notepad, transferring the information into your management software if the person schedules, and throwing the paper away if they don’t. They are basically throwing away thousands of dollars per year, and we’re not talking about the cost of the paper, but the cost of the missed opportunities in marketing to those patients who don’t schedule on the first phone call.

With StreamDent®, the information that is collected from patients who don’t make an appointment is stored in a database which you can then use for marketing campaigns that we’ll gladly explain to you and show you step-by-step how we get these prospects into our office within 6 months.

What do I need from a systems standpoint to be able to use StreamDent®?

Ideally, a monitor in each treatment room with high-speed internet access. You can use any web browser to view the setup sheets, but editing is best performed in Firefox. We’ll cover this more in your training, but Firefox is a free web browser than is more stable and stays more up-to-date with the programming requirements of StreamDent®.

Because StreamDent® is a web-based service, you can access it from anywhere, whenever you need, including your iPad or other tablet computer. If disaster strikes, you can at least relax in knowing that your processes are backed up, secure, and will be there when you need them.

I already have an operations manual; why would I want this?

If you have a printed operations manual, that’s great! But what do you do when changes need to be made? Even if you keep it updated and make changes to it regularly, you must print it out or make sure everyone knows what those changes are – and how do you communicate that? Even so, you already know how difficult it is to get everyone access to printed manuals!

With StreamDent®, making changes is instant, and everyone knows immediately when something has changed.

Just came back from a course and want to start using a new process or material? Just change it in StreamDent® and the assistant will know the next time s/he sets up for that procedure.

It’s really easy!

Does the information I put into StreamDent® get stored anywhere?

Some of it does – what matters, does. Don’t worry, we are 100% HIPAA compliant. When your front office takes a prospective patient call and records the information in our New Patient Prospect Form, the information they save is stored in our database, which you can then retrieve and use for marketing purposes. What doesn’t get stored is every single checkbox on every procedure that is set up every day – that would create a mess! However, if you want, you can print any procedure setup (we recommend to a PDF document) as part of your training process.

I feel like I’m a very good assistant. Why would I need to use StreamDent®?

Imagine... No longer having to remember every tray setup, every tub setup, every task to perform, and every type of material to get out, including those procedures that you don't do often and make you a bit anxious. In addition, you have a “working column” (column 3 above) that easily integrates with your practice management software. You don’t have to try to be perfect anymore. Plus, our assistants feel like StreamDent®’s the only thing in the office that’s “got their back.” If you follow StreamDent® but something’s not out, it’s not your fault - it means there is error in your system that needs to be corrected so it doesn't keep happening. Give it just a short time until you get used to it, and you’ll love it!

How easy is the customization?

Customizing StreamDent® for your practice is easy and intuitive. Edit the built-in procedures and setups, start a list from scratch, or copy your existing manuals from word processor into StreamDent®. Every procedure sheet can be customized for your individual preferences, so it can be as broad or as detailed as you like. We will provide you with a starting point based on the dental practice management software you currently use. You’ll take it from there.

How can I see StreamDent® in action?

Several ways. First, you can sign up for a free personal, online demo, which will give you complete access to a StreamDent® expert who can answer any questions you have about how to implement this amazing service in your practice.

What else should I know about StreamDent®?

  • Web-based – no software to download, install, and maintain. We take care of all of that for you.
  • Paperless – integrates into your dental practice management software seamlessly AND if something changes, there’s no wasted paper or a need to reprint!
  • Easy to use – this will cut your training time by 75% or more. You may even want to consider hiring team members with no prior dental experience, as many new assistants are fully proficient in as little as one month using our revolutionary systems.
  • Eliminate dependency on any one employee – systems are recorded for everyone to use, making cross training easy to achieve. Cross-training is more realistic and practical because memorization of systems is not required.
  • Forms and scripts based on best practices across the dental industry, or incorporate your own with easy-to-customize features.
  • Helps ensure a consistent standard of care with consistent results.

Is it really possible to have a paperless dental office?

If you don’t count papers given to patients as handouts or statements, Dr. Moorhead, the developer of StreamDent®, runs his entire office with just two paper forms, neither of which is ever scanned. One of the objectives in developing StreamDent® was to help accomplish the goal of a paperless office. Our trainers will show you how to accomplish this if you share this goal.

How can cross training be improved with StreamDent®?

When your dental assistant has to pinch hit in answering the phone, or your business assistant has to help patients fill out forms for new patient intake, StreamDent® provides your office with consistency even if your employee only has to perform these duties every few months. When one employee is out sick or on vacation, their duties are all documented where another employee can step in with ease. In small offices and large offices, the ability to cross train with ease is a lifesaver.

Does StreamDent® make it easier to schedule same day treatment?

We’ve written StreamDent®’s systems to help your team to find opportunities for same day treatment, including patients in the office for emergency treatment, hygiene, or already in the dentist’s chair. And since setups go quicker when using StreamDent®, your team will be more ready to add those procedures to your schedule.

We have multiple doctors that each things differently. Can StreamDent® handle that?

One of the beauties of StreamDent® is the ability to handle multiple providers. Different approaches can be used according to the number of providers and the complexity of the task. Our skilled trainers will guide you through the process based on your individual situation.

How can I get my staff to use scripts?

Before StreamDent®, teaching your team scripts involved investing large blocks of training time to get your employees familiar enough where they would even start to try using scripts with patients.  By having scripts available as “cheat sheets” on a monitor behind the patient or on a tablet computer, it’s finally feasible to look away briefly for a few key words in the script you want your team to use, so they’ll feel comfortable trying this productive approach and expanding as they feel more comfortable.  Of course, you don’t ever want your employee reading straight from a script.  None of us want to hear “do you want fries with that” repeatedly. Providing scripts is the start to helping your team develop better verbal skills.

Check out our blog on using scripts here.

Can I hire a consultant to help me with the process?

Hiring a consultant is the fastest way to jump start your clinical efficiency. We can work with a consultant you’ve already hired, or provide consulting services to help improve your clinical efficiency.   Click here to learn more.

My company owns several dental offices and we don’t want the risk anyone stealing our systems.

The enterprise version of StreamDent® is available with discounts based on the number of offices using StreamDent®, and is also available as a white label product, where your database is managed separately. You can also purchase our software to install on your own cloud servers, then purchase updates when you are ready.  Click here to learn more.

Why cloud software? I’d rather own it.

By storing your software and systems in the cloud, you avoid the hassle of backups and the risks of lost data. You also save the expense of maintaining the database on a server and the cost of software updates, since they are all included with StreamDent®. Most important, you receive updates instantly rather than going through the difficult process of installing new software on each of your office -computers.