Dental Consultant Affiliates

StreamDent® is the perfect partner for dental consultant affiliates. StreamDent®'s systems and protocols will improve your client's efficiency and productivity, helping you accomplish your consulting goals with less work.

  • For your premium consulting clients, include StreamDent® as part of your consulting package or offer your StreamDent® commission as a discount to the client.
  • For clients not interested in your premium consulting services, you can offer StreamDent® as another tier to your consulting services.  And you can include your consulting fees with StreamDent®.
  • StreamDent® is also available as a white-label product.  You can include your own logo and custom materials, in addition to StreamDent®'s rich library of resources.

As a StreamDent® affiliate, we make our library of PowerPoint training materials available to you to adapt to your preferences.  You and your consulting team will be amazed at our intuitive software and processes.

Call us today at 502-509-1570, or fill out the form for more information on starting your dental consultant partnership with StreamDent®.

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