StreamDent® Trainer Certification

SOP Certified Trainer Opportunity with StreamDent®

StreamDent® is reaching out to connect with experienced dental office team members* who would love the challenge of working outside their normal job position to become Trainers in StreamDent®’s unique clinical training program.

StreamDent® is the first online training system to acknowledge the frustrations of training new clinical staff and provide the solutions to reduce errors and inefficiency caused by human error. Our protocols are revolutionizing the way dental offices perform their procedures:

  • StreamDent®’s clinical systems reduce training time by up to 50% by providing trainees with every aspect of their instrument and room setups. And everything in StreamDent® can be customized using our intuitive software.
  • How many times a day does the average office have to stop their procedure and sit waiting while the dental assistant has to leave to grab something that isn’t in the operatory? With StreamDent®, everything is there, every time!
  • Have you found cross-training in the dental office to be challenging? Especially when cross-trained employees seldom perform the tasks? StreamDent® is always available at the employee’s fingertips to guide them through each process with ease.

We offer potential Certified Trainer candidates the ability to both earn additional income as well as enjoying the benefit of growing professionally. To take the first step, we invite you to to complete the application process below and take the first step toward expanding your professional horizon.

Now for the fine print:
*Minimum requirements for consideration as a StreamDent SOP Certified Trainer include at least two years experience in the dental office, plus experience using StreamDent in a dental office where you have worked. Best qualifications ideally include experience in both dental clinical and administrative positions.

Steps to become a SOP Certified Trainer:

  • Step 1: Complete our online application to assess your experience and readiness.
  • Step 2: Complete our online certification modules and pass the certification exam with a score of 90% or higher.
  • Step 3: Participate in a phone interview.

As a SOP Certified Trainer, you are not an employee of The Streamlined Practice LLC, you are an independent contractor. You will receive payment for the hours you spend training in an office, and will be reimbursed for your travel expenses.

Ready to start? Fill out the online application form.

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