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From the first phone call, throughout the procedure, to scheduling the next appointment, StreamDent® documents every process in the dental office so your office runs smoothly -- even if “the person who normally does that isn't here today.”

With systems to guide your team through virtually every procedure, and scripts for every patient interaction, anyone in the office can step in and complete the process with high quality and low stress! Let’s look at how it works.

The First Phone Call

Screenshot - StreamDent The First Phone Call Your odds of scheduling your prospective patient improve from square one with StreamDent®’s New Patient Research Form.

The form guides your team member on the best verbal skills possible, so that you both collect the information you need and motivate the patient that your office is the best for them. Proven techniques improve the chances that the patient will schedule rather just ask a lot of questions and hang up.

The New Patient Exam

Screenshot - StreamDent The New Patient Exam Whether your new patient’s first visit is for a comprehensive exam, a prophy or an emergency visit, StreamDent®’s systems will help your dental assistant guide the patient through self-discovery of their problems so the patient is more motivated to accept the treatment they need to get them healthy.

Our templates teach the use of co-diagnosis, handoffs and scripts that your team will find easy to use and will increase your case acceptance.

Clinical Treatment

Screenshot - StreamDent Clinical Treatment Modeling the best practices in clinical dentistry, StreamDent provides your team with uploaded photos of your tray setups, tubs and bur blocks. Detailed lists of exactly what to bring to the operatory make certain that when your team sits down for the procedure, it won’t be necessary to stop and start when little things were forgotten.

Customizable scripts tell your dental assistant exactly what you want them to say when they review consent forms. Throughout the entire procedure, StreamDent® makes the procedure go smoothly to improve your clinical efficiency and decrease your stress.

Business Office Best Practices

Screenshot - StreamDent Business Office Best Practices StreamDent provides information at your fingertips for patient check-in and check-out, how to best handle financial arrangements, references for procedure time codes, insurance processing, as well as the best ways to handle your recall systems, statements.

Your business assistants have immediate access to FAQs for answering your patient’s questions, plus answers to special circumstances like what to do when a patient calls with a crown off or postop pain. Training has never been easier.

Team Training

Screenshot - StreamDent Cross TrainingStreamDent® transforms the process of training new employees.

Instead of one team member training another with hand-me-down approaches, each new employee learns the best way to perform each task from the start.

Our systems make it possible to train a new employee with no prior dental experience to competency in as little as 30 days!

Cross Training

Screenshot - StreamDent Cross Training When your dental assistant has to pinch hit in answering the phone, or your business assistant has to help patients fill out forms for new patient intake, StreamDent® provides your office with consistency even if your employee only has to perform these duties every few months.

When one employee is out sick or on vacation, their duties are all documented where sometime can step in with ease.  In small offices and large offices, the ability to cross train with ease is a lifesaver.