Yes – as much as it needs to do so. Keep in mind that this service is completely different from any other software on the market. It replaces your paper. What is your front office team using now to capture information from phone calls? Very likely, they are using a piece of paper, whether it’s a form developed by you or a consultant, or a simple notepad, transferring the information into your management software if the person schedules, and throwing the paper away if they don’t. They are basically throwing away thousands of dollars per year, and we’re not talking about the cost of the paper, but the cost of the missed opportunities in marketing to those patients who don’t schedule on the first phone call.

With StreamDent®, the information that is collected from patients who don’t make an appointment is stored in a database which you can then use for marketing campaigns that we’ll gladly explain to you and show you step-by-step how we get these prospects into our office within 6 months.