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StreamDent® is very affordable, allowing you to choose the payment plan that best suites your needs.

Solo Practice Clinic Group Practice Enterprise Level
Number of Doctors 1 - 2 3 - 8 Scalable
Number of Offices 1 1 Scalable
Number of Simultaneous Users 6 25 at one location Scalable
On-site training / setup cost $3,480 $3,480 $5,175
Monthly Subscription $97 $147 Call for Quote
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The order process

After you click BUY, you’ll:

  • Specify your preferred payment arrangements
  • Tell us the practice management software you use
  • Review and sign the End User Service Agreement (EUSA)
  • Make your payment

What should I expect when I place my order?

You will receive two emails after you have placed an order with us: one from Authorize.net, our credit card processor, and another from us with your order confirmation, which includes a copy of the user agreement (EUSA) you signed. Please note that your credit card statement may show payment to “The Streamlined Practice, LLC,” the parent company of StreamDent®.

We’ll be in touch with you within 72 hours to talk about the best time to schedule your training. We recommend your involve your entire team in the training process, with no patients scheduled. To be considerate of your office production, we schedule many of these training sessions on a Friday and Saturday. We encourage you to talk to your team in advance about dates that you can all be available.