Dental Office Consulting

If your goal is to jump start your office to accelerate change and transform your practice, take advantage of our expertise in dental systems to improve your clinical and business office efficiency.

Our dental office consulting services address areas overlooked by most practice management advisors: We specialize in helping you improve your team’s efficiency, using the best tools and techniques in our profession.

Clinical Speed & Efficiency

As dentists, we fall into habits and get comfortable with the way we’ve always done things.  And by nature, the profession works in solo or small group settings where we never see how others practice.

We have observed many of the most talented clinicians in the country.  With that experience, he can evaluate your clinical processes to help you move to the next level in clinical experience.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

By teaching you and your team methods to evaluate your daily routines, you’ll find your day actually becomes easier and less stressful.  Using processes adapted from the manufacturing industry like Value Stream Mapping, We will assist you with areas that include:

  • Instrument management – decrease the time required for the sterilization process, and increase your office efficiency in the process
  • The new patient process – learn skills that will increase your case acceptance that are even possible with part of the exam delegated to your clinical staff
  • Room setup and turnaround – study your processes to streamline the process and decrease human error
  • Inventory control – simplify your systems all while cutting unnecessary costs
  • Delegated duties – if delegation fits your practice philosophy, let us help maximize your investment
  • Patient flow
  • Digital office tools for increased productivity – Dr. Moorhead presents lectures across the continent on the latest in technology. Use his expertise to help you select the best time saving tools available to increase your productivity and your bottom line.
  • Sedation dentistry and emergency preparation – oral or IV, including StreamDent®’s digital Anesthesia Record

Using his more than 30 years of experience as a practicing dentist, plus Dr. Moorhead’s resources as a lecturer in clinical efficiency and dental technology, we will evaluate your current procedures and systems, then guide you and your team in streamlining your daily activities to help you achieve the best in clinical efficiency.

Phone for a Free Consultation

The best way to find out how we can best assist you is with a free thirty minute phone consultation. Fill out the form and begin the process to increase your efficiency and increase your profits.